Result based SEO Services

We understand your need to make revenue from your website. If our team can’t deliver top positions in the major search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing) it is only fair we don’t receive any payment from our services. For this reason, to ensure that we provide result oriented services to our clients we are presenting Result based SEO Services.

Guaranteed SEO Services :

Starter Advance
Keyword in Top 30
Keyword   in Top 20 Keyword   in Top 10
Between 21   and 30 Between 11 and 19 Between 1 and 10
20% of Success Fee 40% of Success   Fee 100% of Success Fee
You Pay $   15 * You Pay $ 30 You Pay $ 80*

*PS: prices we will be calculated on per keyword basis. Given price is just for reference.

We calculate per keyword costing initially. This Model is applicable for more than 30 keywords.

The monthly costs are calculated on the Result based SEO marketing success achieved for the range of agreed key phrases or keywords on a monthly basis and payable at the end of each month the results are achieved. The fees performance based SEO are levied providing the ranking is achieved for the MAJORITY of the month.

If the site is placed in the lower page for the initial month weeks then moves up to a higher ranking during the same month the fee will be based on the lower amount for that month. For example, if the key phrase is being found at #29 for 2 weeks [Basic 18%] and for the last week of the month it climbs to #18 or 15 [starter 35%] you will only be charged the lower amount of 18% for that month. Any dropping in the rankings on certain keywords will not be charged for the subsequent month. Only the keywords which are increased will be charged.   Maintenance work will be charged separately. Any furthered or subsequent work will be charged initially.

For an estimated quotation on how much the success fee is for your chosen phrases, please contact us at       If you need any more clarification on to the model then please let us know. You can reach me at skype: kunaldhar.dubey or can mail me at Mail: &